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Adapting your home

Are you, or is anyone in your household, disabled? Or do you have a visual or hearing impairment? We can help you live as independently as possible!

If you feel that you need some assistance you can either contact your GP or Social Services. They can then refer you for an assessment by an Occupational Therapist. 

They can advise you about getting free equipment through social services  - like a walking frame, bath seat, or things to make washing or eating easier. 

And they can talk to you about getting your home fitted with specialist adaptations to make it more suitable.  This could include minor work like a grab-rail, or bigger things like a new bath or a stair lift. 

Some of the larger jobs will be referred to Salford City Council to put into place.  We’ll work as hard as we can to assist you but sometimes resources may mean that you have to wait a little while for the work to be done. 

To find out more information please visit: or contact us for further information.

Sometimes your property is not suitable for adaptation works and your needs could be more reasonably met through a transfer to a more suitable property. To search for available properties please visit 

Your toolbox

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