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What is an Emergency Repair?

An Emergency Repair is something that is likely to cause immediate risk to property or persons if not attended to immediately. 

Please note that emergency repairs cannot be reported online, you MUST call us on 0300 555 5567.

The following are considered to be examples of an emergency repair:

  • Leaking/burst water supply pipes, tanks and cisterns
  • Major electrical failure  
  • Blocked, leaking or overflowing foul drains, soil stacks and sewers
  • A blocked toilet (if there is only one toilet in the home),
  • Water leaking through the roof or through a ceiling,
  • No heating and hot water
  • Boarding up windows or doors to make the home secure,
  • Door locks if unable to secure the property.
  • Door entry and intercom systems. 
  • Failure of communal lifts. 

 This list is by no means exhaustive and in most cases when you report an Emergency repair we are aware of your individual circumstances, for example, if you are at risk or vulnerable and receiving extra care and help.

Remember, you must call us in case of an emergency repair to your property.

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