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Customer Involvement


The Customer Policy and Performance Panel (PPP)

The PPP is a panel made up of Pendleton Together customers.

They meet monthly and receive reports directly form us including the latest performance figures.  The PPP advises us on policy and procedures.  If the approach of the housing and repair service needs to change then the PPP will check on behalf of all customers to see if the change is for the best.

The Panel meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 1.30pm - 3.30pm.

Here are some of their activities:

  • They consider monthly performance reports on repairs, surveys, lettings, rent management and complaints.
  • They agreed new opening hours for our office.
  • They have approved grants for community groups.
  • They have received reports and offered recommendation on aspects of the service such as refurbishment, caretaking, grounds maintenance and letting properties.

The PPP sets up sub groups to help share the work from time to time.  Sub groups which have met include:

  • Customer security sub group
  • Communications sub group
  • Customer event/conference sub group (led the planning of Pendleton Togethers 1st Birthday party 20th September 2015)
  • Disability Focus Group

 Our Assembly

As tenants, you know your homes and neighbourhoods best, so it is important you tell us how we can improve services.

The Pendleton Assembly are a group of customers who look in detail at elements of the service.  This closer look at the service allows recommendations to go directly to the Pendleton Together Board which may include areas that need to change as well as confirming services which are well received by customers.

The Pendleton Assembly has already looked at :

  • The Repairs service
  • Customer involvement in refurbishment
  • Voids and lettings

Customer Inspectors

More than 50 different customers have taken part in customer inspections to provide an assessment of cleaning, caretaking and grounds maintenance services. They have helped ensure the service achieves the high standards which customers expect. Inspector provide give us their opinionby testing the service out.  Inspections are now taking place on a wider range of services including void properties and security entrances.

Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations

There are a number of tenant and resident associations which meet regularly to discuss common issues about their area or block and often come together for social activity.  If you would like to know which association meets for your area or you are interested in setting one up, please get in touch.  Associations receive a small grant to support their activities and many have the use of a communal room.

Gardening Clubs

For the first time we will be providing small grants to Gardening clubs.  Six gardening clubs entered the 2014Pendleton Gardening competition and the winning gardeners received a trip to the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show. All gardens received recognition for the great work they do making our spaces look bright and colourful throughout the year.

Your toolbox

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