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Involvement Opportunities

 Involvement Opportunities

Performance and Policy Panel

The Performance and Policy Panel is an independent, customer-led group which reports direct to the Contract Management Board (Commitments Board). Initially all active customers including Assembly and Customer Inspectors will form the initial Panel and it can also include customers from TARAs…..

Tenant and Resident Association (TARAs)

As a member of a TARA your main goal will be to represent customers who live in your area. For this reason you will have to be elected.

Block (Scheme) Panels

Block Panels will be created to discuss with customers the refurbishment of their blocks. The panels are set up prior to work starting and end once the work is complete. Block Panels are open to all customers in the block but some customers may wish to have a greater liaison role or chair a meeting……


Buddies are people who are happy to provide other customers with one to one support and advice….

Your toolbox

Need a repair? Or just want to check on your account? No problem! Use these links to make your life that little bit easier