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Why should I get involved

Why should I get involved?

There are many reasons as to why you should get involved in community involvement, not only will you be able to shape the future of the services provided to you and others, you will also meet new people and gain new experiences along the way.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to gain experience within the housing sector and for you to gain new skills and qualifications.

Will it make a difference?

Pendleton Together values and respects the views of all their customers.

Having people involved that use our services directly can help us improve our services so we can tailor them to our customer demands.

Learn some new skills

Training will be provided to you in your chosen role.  You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and develop on those you already have.

Training does not have to be boring we will train you in a fun and interactive way which can be tailored for your individual requirements.

For some roles you may also be given the opportunity to gain accredited qualifications.

Add it to your CV

If you are currently looking for work or would like to enhance your CV, volunteering to help improve your local area is going to help your application stand out.  You will also be able to add any qualifications you have achieved or any training days you have completed.

You will be provided help and assistance with writing a CV and if required we would be happy to provide a reference when needed.

Learn how to work in a team

Working as part of a team is important within these roles.

Team working is also essential to providing you with the confidence to discuss your opinions with the group and to help you negotiate a satisfactory outcome in an amicable way.


It is imperative that when there are recommendations to be made these are derived from legitimate sources.  One important way to collate evidence is to research the area we are looking at. This can be done by comparing our company with others providing the same or similar services. You will be given advice and help on what to look for and how to analyse the data you find.

Report writing and presentation skills

As a member of either the Contract Management Board or the Pendleton Assembly you will on occasion be required to write reports and present your findings to the Board, customers and employees of Pendleton together.

You will receive training on how to write reports and how to present your findings.  We will also provide you with help and advice on how to build your confidence.

Influencing and negotiation skills

We will help you develop your skills to provide you with good negotiating techniques and to help build your confidence so you are able to promote your ideas within the group.

Monitoring performance and holding Pendleton Together accountable

Giving members of the Pendleton Assembly the opportunity to monitor our high level performance, it will enable us to tackle issues at the first possible instance.

Your toolbox

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