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Customer Inspections

Residents carry out monthly inspections of the areas and rate the environmental cleanliness, including levels of litter, graffiti. They also rate the standard of grassed areas, hedges and shrubs.

Following each inspection, an action plan for improvement is sent to the PT teams and organisations that can address the issues highlighted by the residents, to be improved.

Resident feedback is crucial for the grounds maintenance work to be the high quality standard expected.

To make sure the whole area is covered the timetable has been drawn up however we can usually accommodate any requests from residents if there is an area they want to inspect

Inspection area

Grounds Maintenance Sites included

Jan 9th

Feb 13th

March 13th

April 10th

May 8th

June 12th

July 10th

Aug 14th

Sep 11th

Oct 9th

Nov 13th

Dec 11th

Nursery Street estate

Site 1 - Nursery Street Estate





Broadwalk, Malus, Beech etc

Site 2 Malus, Lombardy, Beech, Salix, Hornbeam






Whitebeam (& Woolpack SCC)

2a - Whitebeam






Broadwalk  & Plane, Holm Courts

Site 3 Plane & Holm Courts (including additional gardens and SCC Churchill way land






Spruce Court

Site 4 Spruce Court                                                           






Thorn Court

Site 5 Thorn Court & The Paddock






Windsor & Kiwi

Site 12 Former Windsor High

Site 13 Kiwi St

Orchards Demolition sites






Denbigh, Lindinnis & Rosseau & Ship new build Community Arts

Site 6 - Denbigh & Lindinnis Estates
Site 21 - Community Arts Theatre/ Shops
New build Russeau and Ship






South Clarendon - area 1

Site 7 - South Clarendon (Sedan)






South Clarendon - area 2

Site 7 - South Clarendon (Aylesbury) Site 8 - Former Kingsley Court






Holcombe/ Plum Tree/ Birley/ Brass Handles

Site 15 - Holcombe Close/ Brydon Site 16 - Former Plum Tree Court Site 17 - Former Birley Court Site 19 - Brass Handles






Pendleton One

New Build Pendleton One





2nd Tuesday monthly 11am meet at Brotherton House


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