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Big Plans For Pendleton

Big plans for Pendleton

Pendleton has always been a proud and passionate community, but most people would agree that some of its housing and outside spaces need a makeover.

The Creating a New Pendleton Together regeneration project launched in late 2012 will completely transform the area. More than 1,500 new homes will be built, 1,250 existing homes will be given a makeover and some homes will be demolished.Add tranquil new parks and open spaces, sports pitches, new streets and footpaths and even a city farm, and you have all the ingredients of a truly fantastic, modern place to live - whether you are an existing resident, or looking to move here.

Click on the tabs below to find out what's happening, and where, by exploring our flythrough video and interactive maps:

  • Flythrough Video
  • The masterplan - a birds eye view
  • When the work will be done

Take to the skies! A look into the future of your area

This animated 'fly though' shows how Pendleton will look after the regeneration. Hold onto your seat!


The masterplan - a bird's eye view

This is the masterplan and gives an overview of how Pendleton will be transformed. Over the last few years you have been telling the Council what you want for Pendleton and these ideas have helped form this masterplan. Click on the blue circles for highlights of the plans for Pendleton. 



When the work is to be done

The map shows the areas which will be in phase 1 of the plan. This work started in April 2013 and will be completed by 2017. Click on the red squares to see the work planned.


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